07 April, 2013

Ridiculous craving

10 minutes before bedtime, and it hits me. A ridiculously strong and specific craving for a certain name-brand nacho-cheese tortilla chip. Probably more than one chip, but it's irrelevant, because I will not be running out to buy a bag.

I want these chips about once every two or three years now, and usually it's no big deal. I go
get a bag. But bedtime on a school night (with a 5am wake up call) is sacred.

Now it's 50 minutes after bedtime. I've read a couple of chapters of a library book, downloaded a blogger app to make this post on, and written this post. I should be sleeping. Or close to it. But I'm miles away, longing for a crunch or living for a dream. Loving for a moment. . .

Now with wacky song lyrics. Let's try lights off again. G'night!