04 July, 2014

Who loves Papa Smurf

The truth is I have stopped listening to audiobooks on my extremely long bus commute, so now I have more opportunity, motive and method to pop a few words down on my blog.

That aside, who loves papa smurf? I am come to this question because of a streetlight at the bus stop I just passed. Painted a dull, dark green and defaced with ordinary graffiti.



Papa Smurf isn't even that tall, and I doubt that he has relaxed his standards of appropriate behavior far enough to run around town with a number of his 'boys' for a lighthearted yet furtive tagging expedition.

Which leads me to believe that there is a number of individuals (for where there is one, there is likely to be others) who have embraced the identity or persona of Papa Smurf as their own idealized self.

I don't know why I'm surprised, why this seems like such an incredibly unlikely state of affairs, but there you have it. I can be surprised Papa Smurf.

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