20 February, 2012

I saw another movie

This week it was: This Means War, which is a romantic action comedy, I guess. It was cute, with explosions and puppies. I liked it. There were people in it, mostly total cuties.

But what I can not stop boggling at is the preview for another movie. Abraham Lincoln. Vampire Hunter.

Every time I start thinking about it, I can't decide if it is a HORRIBLE idea, or a BRILLIANT idea, and I'm leaning over towards brilliant, with a dash of lunatic.

Abraham Lincoln was apparently an axe-wielding vampire hunter. Who knew?

I didn't really see any of the vampires, or the menace they pose, but it's probably the usual. Blood sucking fiends of the night that find humans magically delicious. I'm always kind of interested in the vibe for vampires, it's different all the time. Moody? Sarcastic? Tormented? Feral?

I can not decide if I would go to see Abraham Lincoln. Vampire Hunter. I'm just glad to know it exists.

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