03 July, 2012

Don't know my own self

I don't know what it is about hockey movies, but I love them. Ok, two of them. There's the classic, Slap Shot, which I've liked for many years. And then there's the one I saw last night, and then stayed up late (and I mean LATE...) to watch it a second time.


On the face of it, there's really not much for a girl like me to find appealing. Well, except Seann William Scott, and Liev Schreiber, who are both totally cupcake worthy.

But it's not even that, really. I like Seann William Scott in movies because he's had this kind of crazy gleam in his eye, and he didn't have it in this movie.

And there's a lot of brutal violence, which I really don't go for. But I think the difference was that it was sort of lighthearted. It wasn't a grudge match, good-vs-evil confrontation kind of a deal. I don't like that whole 'crush thine enemies' vibe, and while I heartily endorse good winning over evil, I'd prefer to keep evil off screen. I'm a sensitive soul, I don't need to see them plumb the depths of depravity to feel invested. This had a light touch--sad sack makes happy.

And this movie had some great transitional moments with the wind having a supporting role. Wind. Go figure.

And the underlying theme of finding your groove is totally cool too.

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