05 September, 2011

Facebook, you are not horrible

I use facebook a lot, and I have for quite a while. I enjoy it a lot more now that I don't make time to play the games, which I will not say any good things about, even though there is plenty to be said. Ahem.

But the best I can say about Facebook to friends who have not yet joined is the title of this post, "Facebook is not horrible". That aside, having clarified these thoughts a little more, I am totally willing to offer Facebook a virtual cupcake. And I haven't even seen the movie yet!

What I cordially dislike: The search function obviously wants to help me find friends. Or other things to 'like'. Which I do not object to. There's a place for that.

But there also ought to be a place for me to find a status update from a friend two weeks ago where she talks about HER blog, which has a hilarious movie about things bosses ought to know already. And I can't remember her name, and I think she may cordially dislike me, because I'm not sure we're still 'friends'.

And I don't even mind that, because all I really want to do right this second is link to her blog post about neutral language in a different post on this, my own, blog. (Edited to add YAY, still friends. I just can't remember to spell her name correctly. And now that I've written that down, I must forgive myself yet again for being both flaky, forgetful, and insensitive. And now illogical. Must stop typing. Ahem.)

Google, who is usually there for me in situations like this, can not help me out as easily as I would like, because not as many people love her blog as they love other things related to "neutral language movie blog boss supervisor", so I am STILL looking. But don't worry, google. I blame facebook.

I also cordially dislike the protest button. I do not enjoy witnessing supposed adults treating each other unkindly, but I am inured to it. I am fine with pictures of nursing mothers, and gay people kissing, and I LOVE reasoned debate. And frankly, on the subject of debate, I'll take what I can get, and let reason go hang if there are important topics that only unreasonable people are willing to talk with me about. Online. Because that is where I prefer to talk to unreasonable people, just in case it is not already clear. Ahem.

I do not like the idea of making parts of the internet a 'safe place for kids'. I do not enjoy a lot of the things that are labeled, however imprecisely,  as 'adult', but I love free speech. Fast and furious and respectful debate most of all, but even scary and disturbing free speech needs a home. Facebook may not be it, which I absolutely appreciate, but I also do not cordially like. I am comfortable with these contradictory views.

And I can't remember the other thing I don't like about facebook anymore, so it's probably really trivial and petty. Plus, I ran out of steam finishing the post I started before this one, which I care about a whole lot more than the problems with facebook.

Move along, nothing to see here.

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