19 September, 2011

Personal note #3

I am totally thrilled by my blog! And I haven't run out of material, by any means. But this lightning-fast, pile 'em up and roll them out publishing schedule has, obviously, hit a snag.

That snag is pretty much accumulated sleep deprivation, or fluctuating intensity levels, or whatever. I run out of energy, and/or brain, and right into irritability and frustration and a strong desire to GO LAY DOWN, and my MADCAP social calendar, of seeing people once or twice a week gets most of my attention.

The Blog, though I love it, comes third. And would totally slip to fourth if I got a job!

In health news (and health is number one) I did see my doctor last week and she gave me some stuff to try and it may be helping. And it may be making me feel worse while I adjust to it, I don't know. I didn't read the side effects because I am quite susceptible to the power of suggestion.

I met a guy on a bus who suggested another medication option which he was prescribed for his anxiety and insomnia troubles, but I figure my doctor has already heard about it and it is an option for the future, if what I'm taking now doesn't work. I do not care. I'll try anything!

Except crystals. Unless someone else wants to buy them for me and tell me how to use them despite my impolite laughter. Literally, I'd try them! But if skepticism diminishes their affect, I don't think it's worth a try. I've got a good attitude, but I don't get the thing about vibrations or whatever it is, and I do think it sounds silly.

But I would be thrilled to believe in them, if that would mean I felt better! Frankly, my attitude towards any proposed solution is so flippin floppin 'sounds great! let's get me some of that!' that it is a miracle I haven't already tried crystals.

And that miracle is called insomnia. Because I can't even remember, anymore, to get and try what I already believe might have benefits!

And now I get to relax, because I handed this problem over to a doctor, and she is a smart cookie. And that leap of faith definitely helps with my anxiety.

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