31 July, 2011

Change. Meh.

So what I was intending to get at in my last update was that I think I may have crossed a metabolic threshold this week. Your body uses the energy from food to get things done. The more cells in your body, the more work needs to be done. The more food you eat, the more it has to work with. A body can be on the edge of running out, and it becomes a bit more careful on what it spends that energy on. Sweating, for example. It’s one of the first things to go. (or so I have heard)

A body can be extremely short of it’s usual energy supply for a short period of time, and it’s not a big deal. Enough of this scarcity business and your body cuts services all across the board, trying to keep you alive and ambulatory long enough so that you’ll last long enough to find more food, wherever you have to go. Your body also becomes extremely efficient, in addition to cutting services, so it can feed more cells with it’s limited supply of energy. 

I never really attained that kind of efficiency, because I never really sustained a serious calorie deficit diet. But I did get really fat, and I had a lot more cells that needed work. I think I crossed over a line where my metabolism decided some stuff was going to have to go, despite an excessive energy supply. I don’t know what all changed in me, or exactly when this happened, and who is going to complain about sweating less? But I think on Tuesday night I crossed back. 

Why I think this: I had something going on with me, that’s for sure. Couldn’t sleep. The next day, every time I tried to lay down for rest, I felt a horrible thrumming all through my body. It might have been elevated blood pressure, but I don’t really think so, because I usually feel that in my chest. It might have been a faster heart rate, though it wasn’t just that. It was the sensation of my pulse, magnified about a thousand times, all over my body. You know what it’s like at a concert and the beat from those incredible loud speakers are just pounding into you? It was like that, but without any of the fun. 

I did get a couple of hours of sleep since then, probably 4 or 5, And I did get a good nights sleep last night, so my sufferings from sleep deprivation are receding. And maybe it was a manic episode. The words were just pouring out of me when I decided to get up and write stuff, that’s for sure. But I feel a little sweatier now than I did last week. I feel different. Hopefully better, but seriously. Change. Not my friend.

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