31 July, 2011

We're not ready yet

There are a lot of well meaning people who still do not get what the big deal about the N-Word is. They acknowledge it is a big deal, they do not use it, but sometimes they think it’s silly to always be saying “The N Word” as if the real word is magic that will catch anybody who hears it on fire. 

It’s not. It’s magic that will catch some of the people who hear it on fire. 

When there is no person, man, woman, child, grandma, grandpa, or tri-centarian left who witnessed the abuse of the N-Word, maybe then. When nobody’s mother mother ever saw somebody cry about it, maybe then anybody can talk about it and say it at the same time in public. Until then it should be left to you saying it with some discretion, and only to people you trust. With love and a hope of redemption, and sometimes purely educationally, because they do not know what is in this can of worms.

There are other words this powerful too. I’m not going to list them. I don’t want to make anybody’s mother cry. Please be patient with the pain of others is all I’m saying. Let’s not set anybody else on fire. Maybe you haven’t seen the suffering, the rage, the tears. (Though I’d be surprised if you couldn’t imagine it. Or understand it, you. Stupid. Idiot.) Maybe it’s not a big deal--to you. And I look forward to the time it’s not a big deal to anyone. But this is not that time.

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  1. i just wanted to say that i am reading that i am hear that i have read this and that i love you