20 August, 2011


Advertisers, you're doing it wrong.

Or at least I think you are, but I don't know. Because I do not really know if it is your fault.

What I don't like is going to a web page that is sponsored with advertising, and waiting for the advertising content to show first before I get to see my desired content. Maybe these ads are just relics from a bygone time. I don't know.

As far as I can tell, anymore, you're not paying for views, so why are you holding me hostage to them?

I'll be happy to casually dismiss them if they show up later.

And frankly, since the eye is attracted to motion, showing up later is a far better strategy for getting my attention than leaving me hanging.

Because nobody gets my attention if you are leaving me hanging while the magic voodoo of advertising content and delivery is going on behind the scenes.

I have a short attention span. And I'm extremely impatient. And I will move on to some other content rather than stay pissed that you're wasting my time.

Most of the time, that magic voodoo is hopping and swinging and it does not matter that you wanted to leave me hanging, because when all that works out you are NOT leaving me hanging.

And you probably don't care what I think because I have the shortest attention span ON THE PLANET, and your magic voodoo keeps getting better and better.

But you definitely need to change your methods, if I'm spot-on with all of my assumptions. And I know they are assumptions. Because you are not in control of the internet, and the content-delivery speed of all content.

Though I bet if you were, it would be faster. Because you care more.

And we all deserve better. 

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