01 August, 2011

My favorite pen

I have a favorite pen. I figured out which pen it is a couple of months ago. I'm going to share that info with you in a minute, because I just have so much to share. And there is NOTHING like a great pen. But first, I'm going to charge you with a mission, and that mission is finding me an even better pen.

Is there a pen exactly like this one, with a light included so you can write in the dark? Because now that I am a Writer, friends, I need a better pen. So I can write down my ideas in the middle of the night without turning on the light.

(Edited to add: mission downgraded on account of I have way more ideas than sleep, so I am no longer getting up to write them down, no matter how good they are. But not cancelled completely, because maybe I do need to write them down to sleep better. I am still figuring that out.)

Most of you don't need that dream of perfection, the better pen. Some of you will even dispute the preeminence of the pen I am about to share with you. Go ahead. When I picked this pen I didn't get to try out every great pen, just the ones that they were selling in the store for less than $5. And if the perfect pen costs more than that, and I get a job, I am totally willing to pay more for perfection. But jobless, money running out, and you know, market forces, $5 is way too much to pay for a great pen. But don't worry, you won't have to.

This, my friends, is a great pen.

Pentel energel retractable 0.7Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Gel Ink Pen, 0.7 Millimeter Metal Tip, Green Ink, Box of 12 (BL77-D).

I am not opposed to showing you a picture of this fine. Sexy. Pen. (Which is now obvious because I finally added a picture.) My friends. Because I am sleep deprived. And I am not capable at this moment. And I don't want to wait, or forget, or whatever.

What I like about this pen: The smoothness of the actual writing, on actual paper. It is highly comparable to the excellent pens my friends at the Linux Journal prefer to use for editing the work that they do. That is a fine pen, which I am not sharing with you, mostly because I cannot be bothered to dig through my old, stolen, office supplies.


It may even share the exact same ink cartridge. I can't remember. But this pen is better, because it is retractable. And maybe it has a thicker line, which I love.

I like that This pen comes in five colors. I have all of them. The green seems to be a little hard to find. In breast cancer awareness month, they apparently sell one in hot pink! I haven't even seen this color, and already know I love it. And after having purchased all five readily available colors, I know that I do not need it.

Because I don't use pens that much. Maybe when I get a job, I'll be able to afford an Ipad, and will pick it up in the middle of the curse curse night. I will use it to write other stuff. I will use it to waste time. I totally am getting an Ipad. But until I can afford that Ipad, all I am willing to pay for is a very slightly enhanced pen. Help me out, friends. Help me find a better pen.

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