16 August, 2011

Personal note. #1

I was going to call this an administrative note again this time, but I don't have any changes planned in my administration, so I just gave in from the get go and admitted it was personal.

I had another largely sleepless night last night. Some of it the thrumming kind, which is weird. I was definitely dealing with fear. Fear of the man. And fear of liability, because my old car got towed. And what I was feeling? A growing, incandescent rage. My temper. Which I think I have planned as a future blog post, totally separate from the upcoming one on Temper.

And you know what I love about a personal note? I am currently not feeling the need to label myself all the time, with And I Digresses and ha ha ha.

The thrumming resolved itself in a sudden heat flash. tee hee. When my nephew got home and I lolled around playing his make believe games of pet store and doctor, all starring angry bird. And maybe I could have fallen asleep then. And I hope I can now, because I am totally. Looking. Forward to it. And hopefully I am actually as "at peace" as I feel, otherwise some other demon from hell will keep me up this night, and I'll have to get over it later.

Good night!

And if you're reading with RSS, you might want to click through now and then to see what's shaking over here at blogger or whatever. I've got a great all clarica all the time channel widget thingy with other work I do that I am not promoting shamelessly enough. But I can learn. Thanks!

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