12 August, 2011

I'm Back!

Oh, how I missed you, blog. My chance to whinge on unrepentantly and relieve the stress of whatever it is that is keeping me up at night, and damaging my weak grasp on reality.

Speaking of insomnia, I only had one night while out on vacay, and crawled out of the camper to take a walk along the dock through the gorgeous starry night on Shoalwater Bay. Really, quite a lovely setting.

And it's times like those that make me believe crazy thoughts, like maybe there is something to this zeitgeist business, or maybe aliens are beaming me messages from outerspace, or maybe (and this was my favorite) I am some kind of psychic vampire drawing power and energy and ideas from all your sleeping, vulnerable leetle brains, mua ha ha ha ha.

Wait, at least one to many 'ha's there. tee hee.

I had a little sun, and a lot of nature, and four or five great days with long walks down the seashore, ankle deep in the surf in Grayland (and what kind of a name is that for such a beautiful location, but anyway...) WA.

Oh, and 12 days in and out of a one-room pop-top hard-sided camper trailer built in or before 1977 with me and four of my favorite family members. I could not keep my mouth shut and just let things unfold, but at least my family members appreciate most of my unsolicited advice, and all of my snarky humor. Two things which, I might add, do not generally go well together. My mommy made pancakes and we had perfectly cooked bacon three times, what more could a girl ask for?

Don't get me started, I have a list.

Oh yeah, and I figured out the title of the next sequel to Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo a Girlfriend.

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