12 August, 2011

Summary Change

When I started my blog lo those few weeks ago, I was invited to invent a summary for my as-yet nebulous plan for a blog. And because I was most excited about the idea of value at that time, and the thoughts that I feel compelled to share, I wrote up this pretentious and self-important summary:

I am driven to share my thoughts with you. They are not perfect, nor perfectly presented, but I love them and I hope you enjoy, or find value.

It's ok. I like it. But it is not funny enough to stay. And while the funny isn't probably the driving purpose behind my mission to share my thoughts with you, my friends, the generous helping of it that I am passing out here deserves attention. So I am changing to a new Summary, which you may have already noticed up above, as of today.

And I'm including it here too, so that future readers will be able to follow my pretentious and self-important thoughts with the greatest possible clarity, ha ha ha.

Something wonderful. Something horrible. A voice for change. Philosopher. Artist. Lover. The one, the only. Completely amazing and totally annoying. Journal. Of. Clarica.

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