01 August, 2011

Administrative note

Hey, sorry to have invited you to the party only to run off and leave you to your own devices. Please don't let anything happen to the carpet while I am out.

Because my mother is nigh unto a saint, she is taking over on daycare for my sister's four year old son, who's own daycare providers are taking a well-earned vactation.

And because she may actually be a saint, she's taking him and his two older brothers camping for these two weeks. And because I am *also* nigh unto a saint, and technically unemployed, and she asked me to, I am going too.

Which saint am I nigh unto, you ask? (nigh unto=near, fyi.) My mother, duh.

ha ha ha. but I digress. Have fun while I'm gone, and please don't blow anything up. I would really like to continue my blog when I get back.

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